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If you are looking for an inflatable repair service for your bubble footballs, walk on water balls, human hamster balls and bodyzorbing balls, then look no further than the National Zorbing Service. No need to worry any more about restoring your inflatables and wasting money buying new ones.

Inflatable Repair

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HoverBoard Repair

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Bumper ball, Zorbing Water ball & Bubble Football Repair Service

We can help and we are one of the leading UK inflatable repair service providers with a team that has many years experience in the industry. So if you call us to carry out your repairs, you can be assured of a quality service that will leave you totally satisfied.

With regular use and wear and tear, your equipment will get damaged and small holes and tears will start to appear. You will need these fixed to bring them back to their original condition and to look cosmetically appealing with the help of our expertise.

We Repair all brands of: AquaZorb / Water Walking / Human Hamster Balls / BumperBall /Bubble Football / Bodyzorbing Balls.

UK based Inflatable Repair service.

Bubble Football Balls & Walk on Water Balls!
Everything from puncture repair, to full TiZip zipper replacement.

All brands accepted!

We don't recommend you buy cheap imported balls as often they are of low quality and can't be repaired!

Hoverboad Repair and Parts Service

Everyone wanted one lots of people got one. By now you've experienced the lack of support we often hear about here at NZS. So while we have had a full service repairs for hoverboards for some time. We are now working on Self Help videos and parts. Bringing the cost of repair DOWN! and you back having FUN!

All I Know is it's broken!

OK so we are working on an online diagnostic so we can get you to the correct part/s that you need.
Until then drop us a message with as much detail as possible.

Inflatable Self Repair Kits

Many of our customers prefer to carry out their own repairs on their bumper balls, bubble footballs, walk on water balls and more and we provide them the best self repair kits. In fact, with our repair kits, you will save loads of money by doing it yourself and we are here to help if you have any questions.

It's possible for you to fix most issues you will come across with Bumper Balls and AquaZorbs. A small to medium sized leak or a small tear, can easily be fixed without specialist tools or equipment. We can supply the basic materials, the same we use in our inflatable repair shop and this includes:

Our Repair Tape:

  • Rolls 3 & 6 inch.
  • Custom Cut Patches.

Repair Glue:

  • Reattach Harnesses and Handles.
  • No Patch Leak Repair.


Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out many of the positive reviews and ratings we’ve received from past customers like yourself that are looking for an affordable solution. That also means we advise you on the exact repair kit that you need and you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.


All Brands Accepted. Get In Touch!

We don't recommend you buy cheap imported balls as often they are of low quality and can't be repaired! Contact us to book your next inflatable repair service and whether it’s for your bubble footballs, bodyzorbing balls or any other inflatable balls, we can help.

Leak Repair Kit
Small Holes or RIps Fixed in no time!

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Harness Repair Kit
All You Need, To Replace Your Harnesses.

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