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Sell Patch Tape and Earn Money

Become a PatchTape Reseller

We at NZS have help develop and market PatchTape inflatable repair tape for some time now. We are offering you the chance to get involved by becoming a Patch Tape re-seller. You can use your existing contacts, eBay or your own web enabled shopping cart.

PatchTape Reseller

How Do You Get Started?

We want to keep it simple, so we have just 2 methods DropShip or Bulk Buy.

Bulk Buy: Order 6+ rolls and receive them at a discounted price and you can sell them whole or as custom cut strips as you see fit.
DropShip: We offer you a set discount, You provide us the orders and we ship them direct to your customer. With none of our branding or advertising.

Either way you just need to use the contact from below to send us your interest and we will contact you from there.