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Bad Water Walking Balls and what to look out for.

The problem with bad water walking balls is

Every Child Loves Walking on Water.

Good vs Bad Water Walking Balls

So let's keep them safe!

We as an specialist inflatables repair center have seen our fair share of odd, undesirable and outright dangerous products.
Don't worry the later never see the light of day again, as under our T&C's we will not repair these products.

If your worried that you might have been sold one Contact Us.

We have an invested interest in keeping the market full, of high quality balls. It not only makes our job repairing them easier, but also ensures the industry of hire/rental continues for the masses. Which understandable over time equals more serviceable customers for us. In an effort to do our part, we are constructing a collection of information which will prove valuable.

More Information to avoid buying bad water walking balls and other items in the first place


The Good

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Official TiZip Zippers:

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An Actual Sphere:

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The Bad

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Fake TiZip Zips: Although reports of fake TiZip zippers have declined in the past 12 months. We are aware that some manufactures are still using them. The main issue is the lack of consistency and testing. Leading to zips that fail within weeks too far faster rate of deterioration than expected.

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Lazy Construction: Though more of an aesthetic issue, in some cases it can be far more serious. It however is almost always a sign that you should buy from some else.

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AquaZorbs - Life time FREE labour repairs.

Our No.1 Choice - It should be yours!

Hover Board Repair UK Service – from NZS specialist repairers – Hover Board

Our Hover Board repair service

hover board Repair ABU Glide Wheel ABU Glide

Hover Board Repair Service

Have you been having fun with your hover board and enjoying all the activities you can do with it, but now it has developed a problem? Has the red light on the hoverboard come on or is one side no longer moving? Maybe it has just stopped working as effectively as it was before and you are not sure of the cause.

We can help and we have a team of repair technicians with experience in hover board repair.


Get In Touch

Contact us for a free quote to repair your hover board. We are always happy to help and we will let you know from the beginning what we can do for you and if repair of your hover board is possible.

hover board Repair ABU Glide Wheel ABU Glide

Hover Board Repair Process


Getting your hover board repaired at the National Zorbing Services is a simple process that gives you total peace of mind. First, we need you to send us a picture of your hoverboard and a description of the problem that you are facing.

You can email or post your pictures to us and we will get back to you with details of how this will be fixed. We will also provide you a free no-obligation quote and ensure that it is the most affordable you will find online.

When all is agreed, you can bring your hoverboard to our repair centre and we will work swiftly to repair it.

Did you buy an ABU Glide?

Well if you did you'd be happy to know we fix these at a discount and we hold in stock parts for the ABU Glide and we can completely rebuild these.  If you didn't buy an ABU - not to worry - we can fix your hoverboard too.

There are so many different brands of Automatic Balancing Units - too many to be counted - but on the inside is where the true difference is found. However most other parts are interchangeable with our stocked items.

So if its Swegway, iSwegway, Airboard or any other Hover Board and it's a repair you need, we can help make your Hover Board Problem disappear.


NZS Hover Board Repair - All Brands Accepted

get your hover board repair today!

Our Hover Board repair service at current.

If your Hover Board is suffering from:

  • Motor always on
  • Always Error Light
  • Split in Two
  • Snapped Hover Board

We can repair that kind of damage

Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway _New__Product-Pic
Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway
Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway
Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway

Hover Board Repair - Re Calibration

The simplest and most common of issues.
It DOESN'T mean you board is broken, just that you have taken a tumble, hit something hard enough or something of that nature.

No need to send your hover board away. It's a simple as:

  1. Turn off your board.
  2. Align the case and make as level as possible.
  3. Hold the power button until the light all start to flash
  4. Leave for 1-5 minutes
  5. Turn off
  6. Turn back on and wait a minute

All should be good again in the world. If you still have flashing lights or non working motors it's time to talk to us.

Hover Board Repair - Ghost Rider

Has your board got a life of it's own after you get off or even from turning it on?

If so you'll find one of not both of the pads that turn on each motor are still engaged. Test this by pulling up on the pad to see if that stops the issue.
Some that experience this only do so from time to time, those who have this as a permanently occurring issue can try to fix it themselves. But we wouldn't recommenced it!

Your pads have activators under it and one or more has been stretched and now needs to be shortened. Simply done but involves opening your hover board  which can lead to new problems after.