Con Men and Questions

LETS BE CLEAR! We do sell a brand of ball,
but this page has nothing to do with you buying ours.
It’s about you not getting a RAW DEAL.

As a repair company we have seen a wide range of balls come across our operating table.
From the fantastic to the damn right ridiculous.

We end up having to be the ones to tell some poor person that they have been given a RAW DEAl and the items they have spent their hard earned money on are worthless unfit for purpose or just dangerous.

Our customers fall in to these categories

Maintenance DIY/Service
Badly designed ball

the first 2 are normally always easy to help/repair.
The last however is often not the case.

Bad Balls come from either a EU or non EU supplier.
In regards to the non EU supplier you generally have not a leg to stand on.
But for the EU based suppliers you have a little more protection BUT ONLY if you DO YOUR RESEARCH!

SO as we assume you are all VERY busy people we have done a little for you.

We’d say if a company can’t just straight forward answer these questions then they have something to hide.

  1. Will I be liable for any import duty or taxes (the answer is usually yes, but no one told you until we told you to ask).
  2. How long will it take for my order to reach me? (2-6 weeks is the average some much longer)
  3. Ask them about their Warranty ( ask to see it, they don’t have one.)
  4. Repairs and if they offer them ( No, because you can fix it with super glue! ROFL PVC maybe? but TPU NO, NO, NO, NO, ….NO)
  5. Registered business address ( Some use virtual companies to hide who and where they are and prevent legal action)
  6. Ask to visit or collect even if you have no intention of doing so. ( would you hand over £3k at a motorway service station? to a Stranger!! )
  7. Ask to speak or be contacted by previous customers
  8. If they offer finance then they should be able to tell you via who? Not to mention UK finance requires a licence
  9. USE companies house to check out the date of incorporation (start up date) new company misleading you to think it’s old??
  10. IF they don’t answer don’t BUY – We Can, Will and DO answer all of the above questions if we can why can’t they!




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  1. Know of a company that sent you balls from overseas expecting you to pay the duty without even telling you?

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