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Get Your Equipment MOT

When was the last time......

......your Bumper Balls or AquaZorbs were given an overhaul?

Are you sure you won’t open them up for the first session of the year, and discover some mis-haps?

Sealed Inflatable Repairs and Overhaul - NZS's ZorbDoctor fixes inflatables
Bumper-Ball Repairs and Overhaul
AquaZorb Repairs and Overhaul
Swegway Hover Board Repairs and Overhaul


At our Repair Centre  we offer an overhaul service which entails:

  • Cleaning

  • Zip and Valve checks/replacements

  • Weld and harnesses checks

  • Zorb Health Report

We can give you estimates, you send us your Zorbs, we check them over and advise on condition BEFORE we start any work. That way you approve what is actually needed and don’t get nasty surprises to the Final Invoice.

In case you want / need new or additional equipment, we also sell Brand New AquaZorbs  and Bumper-Balls.

We hope that we can help you to have a lucrative year. Happy 2016!

Tel: 0208 144 0911 or 0800 488 01 08

AEM Leisure Ltd

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TiZip Zipper Replacement for your Walking on Water Ball

Busted Water Ball Zipper?

TiZip Zipper Replacement for your Walking on Water Ball

Is your water ball zipper busted and in need of replacement? We know how frustrating that can be especially when it’s unexpected and we have hundreds of customers that we have helped to replace their water zippers.

At National Zorbing Services, replacing and repairing is our expertise and we have many years of experience replacing zips in water walking balls. And we can have your old zip out and replace it with a TiZip water and air tight zip in no time.

For over four years we have been contracted to AEM Leisure, a leading leisure company in the UK, to handle any and all of their repairs including their AquaZorb. From then we have branched out and grown our customer base to repair all water walking balls.


Speak To Us

We have repair kits online that you can purchase here on our website. However if you are unsure of what you need and need specialist help, then contact our team to discuss – we are always ready to help.

Why a TiZip Zipper Replacement?

Getting a TiZip Zipper replacement may be just the best way to get back to earning with your water ball. Repairing it may not work and you are likely to encounter the problem in the future - so why not replace it at for a very low cost.

Here are 3 reasons why you may need a TiZip zipper replacement.

  • If you spent good money on good quality balls then why risk getting worse quality.
  • Why pay for a whole ball and to dispose of the old one.
  • With a 7 day turnaround including postage it's faster to get your water ball functioning again


Avoid Needing a Replacement

There are a few things you can do to put more life into your TiZip Zipper and avoid the need to replace it. It’s not too late now if that is what you’ve been thinking and with our help you can extend its life for little or no cost.

Here are a few ideas you can implement to avoid needing a zipper replacement:

  • Lubricate your zipper regularly.
  • Use ONLY silicon gel.
  • Don't store your balls wet.

Not many suppliers will tell you this information because they want to make a lot of money from selling you a new Zipper. But we know the importance of keeping our customers happy and we go beyond to make sure that they are totally satisfied with their products

TiZip Zipper Replacement TiZip PVC Zip Replacement
TiZip TPU Zip Replacement TiZip Zipper Replacement
TiZip TPU Zip Replacement TiZip PVC Zip Replacement


We can do both (PVC has lower lifespan).
Get back to work with our TiZip replacement service.