Puncture Repairs for Inflatables

Have you suffered a puncture or tear in your inflatable items out on the job with no puncture repair kit to hand?

We specialize in getting your inflatable items repaired and ready for action as quickly as possible to allow your business to continue trading with minimal financial loss.

As well as offering repairs in our workshop we also provide DIY  inflatable repair kits for use at home or on the job. These include puncture repair tapes, patches, silicone gels and glues to ensure you have the right kit to make minor repairs to your inflatable item (such as punctures, leaks, tears or holes) without having to send it off to us.

Remember: the longer your inflatable is out of service, the longer it’s not making you money!

How Can We Help:

Our most popular inflatable repair product is “Patch-Tape”. Patch-Tape will fix all small to medium sized punctures within seconds allowing your equipment to be out on the job and earning you money once again almost straight away! PatchTape is currently available in two widths. 3″ for pinhole rips and punctures, and 6″ used for larger rips, holes and other wear-and-tear issues. You can Buy “Patch-Tape” puncture repair tape direct from our website.

Other Services & Products..

For bulk/wholesale enquiries please call or email for a quote!