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Our Hoverboard repair service

hoverboard Repair ABU Glide Wheel ABU Glide

Sorry to Hear about the Damage

Did you buy an ABU Glide?

Well if you did you'd be happy to know we fix these at a discount!
If not well that's not a good start. We hold in stock parts for the ABU Glide we can completely rebuild these.

Not to worry we can fix your hoverboard too.

Have a read and then contact us!

There are SO many different named brands of Automatic Balancing Units. To many to be counted but on the inside is where the true differences are found.
Where the wide range affects case replacements most other parts are interchangeable with our stocked items. So if its Swegway, iSwegway, Airboard or any other Hoverboard and it's a repair you need we are who you have been looking for.

All Hoverboard Brands Accepted

Our Hoverboard repair service at current.

If your Hoverboard is suffering from:

  • Motor always on
  • Always Error Light
  • Split in Two
  • Snapped Hoverboard

We can repair that kind of damage

Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway _New__Product-Pic
Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway
Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway
Repair Hover Board ABU Glide Wheel Swegway

Hoverboard Repair - Re Calibration

The simplest and most common of issues.
It DOESN'T mean you board is broken, just that you have taken a tumble, hit something hard enough or something of that nature.

No need to send your hoverboard away. It's a simple as:

  1. Turn off your board.
  2. Align the case and make as level as possible.
  3. Hold the power button until the light all start to flash
  4. Leave for 1-5 minutes
  5. Turn off
  6. Turn back on and wait a minute

All should be good again in the world. If you still have flashing lights or non working motors it's time to talk to us.

Hover Board Repair - Ghost Rider

Has your board got a life of it's own after you get off or even from turning it on?

If so you'll find one of not both of the pads that turn on each motor are still engaged. Test this by pulling up on the pad to see if that stops the issue.
Some that experience this only do so from time to time, those who have this as a permanently occurring issue can try to fix it themselves. But we wouldn't recommenced it!

Your pads have activators under it and one or more has been stretched and now needs to be shortened. Simply done but involves opening your hover board  which can lead to new problems after.