Supplier Check List

Be Smart not Cheap!

We’d say if a company can’t just straight forward answer these questions then they have something to hide.

  1. Will I be liable for any import duty or taxes
    (the answer is usually yes, but no one told you until we told you to ask).
  2. How long will it take for my order to reach me?
    (2-6 weeks is the average some much longer)
  3. Ask them about their Warranty
    ( ask to see it, they don’t have one.)
  4. Repairs and if they offer them
    ( No, because you can fix it with super glue! ROFL PVC maybe? but TPU NO, NO, NO, NO, ….NO)
  5. Registered business address ( Some use virtual companies to hide who and where they are and prevent legal action)
    check the whois of their domain if you cant find company info.
  6. Ask to visit or collect even if you have no intention of doing so.
    ( would you hand over £3k at a motorway service station? to a Stranger!! )
  7. Ask to speak or be contacted by previous customers
  8. If they offer finance then they should be able to tell you via who? Not to mention UK finance requires a licence
  9. USE companies house to check out the date of incorporation (start up date) new company misleading you to think it’s old??
  10. IF they don’t answer don’t BUY

    We Can, Will and DO answer all of the above questions if we can why can’t they!


Your Supplier Guide
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Your Supplier Guide
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