TPU vs. PVC Bubble Football Balls

Alot of people are wondering what is the big difference between TPU and PVC when it comes down to Bubble Football Balls. We suggest people go for TPU every time yet we still of course suggest you do your own independent research. As many people will tell you what you want to hear to make a sale, Don’t Get Conned!

WHO SAYS WE ARE ANY DIFFERENT  do your own independent research, Don’t Get Conned!

Here is our short simple report on the differences and reference links to where we got the information enjoy:



TPU has a unique molecular structure that provides good compression set and high resilience, along with resistance to impacts, abrasions, tears, weather and more. In addition, it can be formulated with either polyester or polyether segments for two different property sets.
Polyvinylchloride is generally transparent with a bluish tint. It is attacked by many organic solvents but it has a very good resistance to oils and it has a low permeability to gases.

Benefits over PVC:

  • Properties more stable in the long term
  • More versatile over broader temperature range
  • Less material is required for same tasks
  • Less discoloration due to heat
  • Contains no chlorine
  • Does not contain plasticizer
  • Better resistance to solvents, fuel, abrasion, fatigue
  • Higher tensile, tear and puncture strength

Benefits over TPU:

  • Cheaper Balls

See For Yourself.
Don’t Get Conned!
Source: BASF
Source:DynaLab Corp 

Temperature Range
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Tolerance Range
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